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Quality Canvas Photos is primarily a photo-to-canvas print shop. We specialize in providing our customers with high quality canvas photos using state-of-the-art printing media and inks. However, we also recognize that there are times when a customer’s photo images may need special attention. In times like these, we can help. With over 9 years of digital image printing, Quality Canvas Photos is able to provide a wide range of custom services. Some of the services we can provide include the following:
  • Image editing. We offer many photo editing services to our customers. Unlike other Canvas Print Shops who charge outrageous amounts for these services, we do almost all of these for free. Only when we consider the effort involved to be significant would we even consider asking you to pay extra. Here are a few of the services we offer:
    • Convert image to sepia (always free)
    • Convert color image to black & white (always free)
    • Convert black and white image to sepia or monotone color (always free)
    • Remove red eye (always free)
    • Date removal (usually free, unless date covers intricate detail)
    • Retouching (mostly free, unless there are excessive amounts or very complex issues)
    • White point/shadow&highlight adjustments (always free)
    • Removal of distracting objects (usually free, some objects may not be removed without significant reconstruction or 'digital paiinting')
    • Artistic rendering, digital changing a photo to look like a painting (almost always free)
    • Collages (prices vary depending on the number of images, overall print size and number of iterations)
  • Additional file formats and sizes. We can often accommodate other image file formats and file sizes if required.
  • Custom photo sizes. We already provide one of the widest selections of photo sizes in the market. Need a special size? We can print up to 43.6"wide in lengths up to 10 feet. Prices vary based on canvas size, ink coverage and how much canvas waste is produced.
  • Custom borders. Quality Canvas Photos provides a standard 2.0" unprinted border around all rolled canvas images less than 40" wide, we can producelarger borders if requested. Prices vary based on overall canvas size and how much canvas waste is produced.
  • Cropping. Under standard processing, Quality Canvas Photos does not crop images unless requested or we have exchanged emails with you. If you have special cropping requirements, we can usually accommodate them.
  • Coating. Quality Canvas Photos recommends protective UV coating. This product adds significant protection to the printed canvas. The coating comesstandard on all Gallery Wrap prints, but can be ordered by special request for rolled canvas. The coating costs $.03/sq inch of canvas (e.g. a 16x20 order size is printed on a 20x24 canvas, for a ECO coating cost of 480 sq inches * $.03/sq inch or $14.40).
How to make a special request?

Simply click on the following link and send us an email describing your special needs. We’ll be in touch with you and determine how we can best serveyou. Special Orders
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